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Pet Transport HVAC Installation

Pro Services specializes in Rear Air Conditioning installation for your pet transport cargo van. Contact us today and let us outfit one for your needs!





Rear Auxiliary Air Conditioning System

Pet Transport

Whether you drive a Ram ProMaster, a Mercedes Sprinter, or The Ford Transit, Pro Services can outfit your Van as a top quality pet transport vehicle you can be proud to own and show your clients. Sizing a HVAC system for a pet transport van basically depends on 4 variables:


  1.  The size of the van – how big is the area that you’d like to be temperature controlled?
  2. How well it is sealed and insulated – it’s important to account for how much temperature will be lost to the vehicle.
  3. How many animals you will be transporting at the time – those little bodies can increase the temperature inside of the van!
  4. How often you will have the door open – this affects how long the system will have to run to restabilize the temperature.

Types of HVAC Systems

HVAC System Considerations

Our tie-in systems are highly sought-after for dog transport vans, offering sufficient cooling and heating for up to 30 dogs, depending on their size. These systems are cost-effective to purchase, easy to set up, and economical to operate and maintain. By utilizing the unused portion of your factory AC system, they can generate over 20,000 BTU of cooling and heating. However, they have limitations and drawbacks.

Due to their smaller size, these units require a well-insulated vehicle with insulated walls and ceiling, as well as an interior liner package to ensure proper sealing. One drawback is the lack of redundancy in the shared AC compressor. If the compressor fails, both AC systems are affected simultaneously, which can be problematic during long-distance transports.

Nevertheless, despite these considerations, a tie-in system remains an excellent choice for outfitting your first pet transport van.

Independent systems offer greater capacity, with capabilities of up to 48,000 BTU of cooling and heating. These systems are specifically designed for larger vans and can accommodate numerous pet transport cages, maximizing the van’s space utility. Independent AC systems operate their own AC compressor and require the addition of a secondary Condenser core, either mounted under the body or on the roof.

The primary drawback of an independent system is its cost. The installation requires an additional AC compressor, bracket kit, Condenser, and wiring harness, all of which increase the overall system cost. However, the benefits of enhanced capacity and functionality outweigh the initial investment, particularly for large-scale needs. Insulating the walls and ceiling and adding an interior liner kit will enhance the efficiency of any HVAC system.



Securing your precious cargo

Cargo Management

When transporting animals, it’s crucial that they are secured with a seat belt and their cages are firmly attached to the interior of the vehicle. This not only ensures their safety but also yours. We offer and install two different tie-down methods: D-Rings or E-Track, or a combination of both.

Our 30-count D-Ring kits are bolted to the wall and strategically positioned in common locations for securing cages. They provide exceptional strength and stability. Alternatively, the E-Track kit offers versatility with two tracks running the length of the cargo area on each side. Detachable rings can be placed every 2 inches along the track, allowing for quick reconfiguration of cages to accommodate your ever changing cargo.

When outfitting a vehicle with a tie-down system, it’s imperative to avoid using self-tapping screws, as the thin sheet metal of modern vans can easily pull out. Instead, all of our channels and D-Rings utilize Riv-Nuts, bolts, and spacers to securely fasten them to the wall, ensuring a safe and reliable installation.

Lighting for Pet Transport Vehicles

Interior Lighting Package

We all know the most frustrating thing about pet transport is pulling up to the gas pump late at night, open the door, the lights go on and 40 dogs start barking at the same time. To fix this problem Pro Service came up with an entire new lighting system. Light on demand only. We replace the factory rear lighting system with a 480 LED high quality, high output light strip. We manufacture our own Driver module to balance the load of the LED strip and install an aux switch to give you total control of lights ON or more important LIGHTS OFF. The lighting kit has a 30,000 hour life span and is a must for long haul pet transport.

Custom vehicle cooling and outfitting

Portable pet grooming

Another critical aspect of dog transport is the mobile pet grooming services vehicle. The service industry has experienced significant growth over the years, with most groomers requiring a comfortable environment for both themselves and their customers’ pets, along with a well-organized layout for bathing, drying, and grooming. Pro Services offers a range of options to tailor the layout of these vehicles to your specific needs. This includes choices for HVAC systems, water tank capacities, wash stall locations, storage cabinets, workstations, and power locations.

For HVAC systems, we commonly outfit vehicles with two types of setups:

Option 1: Our most popular choice involves installing a rooftop HVAC system, such as our Coleman Commercial line, capable of producing 15,000 BTU of cooling with heating capabilities. Powering this unit typically involves using a large generator capable of running the AC unit, tankless water heater, water pumps, hair dryers, lighting, and all other necessary components for operation. This setup is ideal for vehicle engine-off applications.

Option 2: For customers who prefer to avoid dealing with a generator and don’t mind the engine running, we offer a tie-in system producing 20,000 BTU of cooling and heating. This setup includes the installation of a secondary 48-volt alternator, battery pack, and high KW power inverter to meet all electrical requirements. While this option may involve higher initial costs, it generally results in lower maintenance costs in the long run.

Regardless of the option you choose, we guarantee that it will meet your expectations. Pro Services has extensive experience in outfitting specific application vehicles and has been serving various industries for years. We engineer all our vehicle systems as complete matching packages. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need assistance figuring out your requirements, give us a call today, and we’ll work together to create a customized package for you.