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Rear Cargo Van HVAC Installation

Pro Services specializes in Rear Air Conditioning installation of your cargo van, camper van, transit van, custom van, and delivery van.

Rear Auxiliary Air Conditioning System

For Your Cargo Van, Truck, RV and More

Pro Services specializes in Rear Air Conditioning installation of your cargo van, camper van, transit van, custom van, and delivery van. With a wide variety of applications we have the air conditioning and heating systems for your everyday needs. Whether you are looking for a basic HVAC or full interior outfitting, Pro Service has the custom Rear Auxiliary Air Conditioning system you need. We carry a wide variety of Cooling and Air Conditioning for insulated interior paneling systems to cargo Tie- down systems to auxiliary battery power systems. The certified installers at Pro Service can outfit your vehicle with a Rear Van Air Conditioning System that will meet all of your climate control needs.

Extreme Climate

Cargo Van Rear HVAC Installation Services

Pro Service’s cover a wide variety of Rear Van Air Conditioning Systems from manufacturers such as Webasto, Coleman, and Legend to name a few; we also stock air conditioning products and accessories for every application:

Cargo Transport Requiring a Temperature Controlled Atmosphere

  • Floral Arrangements
  • Wine Transport
  • Perishable Food Items
  • Medical Products

Pet Transport for Our 4 Legged Friends

  • Personal Pets
  • Dog Show Animal Transport
  • Dog Rescue & Transport
  • Mobile Grooming Services

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Work Vehicle Applications for Productivity

  • Mobile On-Site Job Management
  • Utility Service & Repair
  • Cable Splicing & Electrical Operations
  • Mobile Business Applications

Types of HVAC Systems

Choosing The Right HVAC Systems for Cargo Vans

There are 3 types of HVAC Systems available for mobile vehicle applications: The Tie-in System, Engine Driven Independent Systems, and Generator Driven Independent Systems. It’s important to know which ones are the right fit for your vehicle and needs.

The Tie-in System

Tie-In systems are the most widely used system of all and are also one of the most economical to run and install. Tie-in systems tie into your existing A/C and heating system utilizing the reserve capacity that the factory system has build in. they add a secondary Evaporator core and Heater core with fan assembly into the interior of the vehicle which ties into the existing A/C compressor and condenser unit for their operation where as the heater is fed hot water from the engine block via and add on pump unit. Tie-in systems are a great option but they do have their imitations. The vehicle needs to be insulated because they only have so much cooling capacity ( usually around 12,000 -18,000 BTU) and they will struggle to cool the vehicle in high humidity conditions. (60% and above)

Engine Driven Independent Systems

Key on, independent systems are a standalone system that utilizes its own engine driven A/C compressor and compressor mounting system. they have their own condenser may it be under body mounted or roof top mounted along with an add on Evaporator core with fan assembly. The evaporator may be a secondary interior mounted unit or be integrated into the roof top mounted Condenser unit. These systems typically use the engine’s hot water supply to run the heating aspects of the system if the heating options are utilized. These systems can easily achieve upwards of 60,000 BTU and have no problems keeping up with requirements of any environmental condition.

Generator Driven Independent Systems

These systems work similar to what you would find on a typical RV except they are made of higher quality components for the continuous duty applications of commercial use. They require mounting of a generator unit or land power to run them. They require additional ceiling and roof reinforcement to support the added weight and along with a hole cut in the roof they require dedicated wiring circuits. These systems average between 10,000 to 15,000 BTU of cooling and some offer the Heat pump option but mostly use an electric heat strip for their Heating. These systems can be a great alternative to leaving your engine running all the time.

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Located in Harwood, Texas, Pro Services provides Air Conditioning and Heating Climate Control services to the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston areas. We have over 25 years of HVAC experience working on Transit Vans, Delivery Vans, and Delivery Trucks. We’re fully equipped with all the required equipment to complete any rear Air Conditioning and Heating Climate Control installation. Additionally, our machine shop can create any required parts or perform custom welding to ensure there’s very little vehicle downtime during the installation. There’s no job we can’t handle!