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Ford Transit HVAC Installation

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Ford Transit Air Conditioning

Rear Auxiliary Air Conditioning System

Ford Transit Air Conditioning

The Ford Transit is available in a variety of vehicle options, from extended length to high roof and passenger to cargo options. Our Rear Van Air Conditioning and Heating Systems are specifically tailored and sized for your vehicles design. With multiple mounting locations available Pro Service has the Rear Van Auxiliary Air Conditioning system for you.


Mounting Options

In the current production model of the Ford Transit there are 2 common mounting locations.

Side Mount

A side mount is from the ceiling to halfway down the driver’s side with air blowing across the vehicle

Rear Mount

A rear mount is from the ceiling with air blowing forward throughout the vehicle.

Note: All HVAC units mount to the ceiling’s roof support beams, and DO NOT protrude through the roof therefore there are no holes in the roof that may leak like other systems can.

Types of HVAC Systems

The LS Series

Our LS series van air conditioning system is our most widely used system. Configured as a tie-in system it is capable of producing up to 20,000 BTU or 1.7 Tons of cooling and heating. The evaporator/heater unit has a long life, single blower motor with high volume, twin fan wheels. it is recommended mainly for cargo van applications with well insulated walls and ceilings.

Our LS series van air conditioning system is a smaller system but configured as an Independent system with its own compressor and condenser. It is capable of producing up to 32,500 BTU or 2.7 Tons of cooling and heating. In conjunction with a wall and ceiling insulation package it is suitable for smaller passenger vans.

The LS series van air conditioning systems are available with AC and Heat or as an AC only system. They both have the full length modular ducting system and automatic temp control as an optional add on.

Types of HVAC Systems

The KM Series

Our KM series van air conditioning and heating system is our larger system. Capable of producing 45,500 BTU or 3.8 Tons of cooling and heating, this system is only available as an independent system. The evaporator/heater unit is equipped with 2 long life, blower motor’s with high volume, twin fan wheels. The system includes a heavy duty long life A/C compressor with your choice of A/C condenser locations – under body or roof mount.

This system is designed for medium to large passenger van’s or multi-personnel work vehicles. The KM series van air conditioning systems are available with AC and Heat or as an AC only system. A 6 eyeball air register or the full length modular ducting system is available for both systems. The systems recommendations is the automatic temp controller but a manual temp is available. Ceiling and wall insulation or a thermo barrier is recommended for optimal performance.¬†

Extreme Climate

AC Condenser Mounting Options

Ford Transit Under Body Condenser

When installing a Ford Transit Air Conditioning System in the independent configuration, you will have the option to install the auxiliary condenser unit on the roof or under the vehicle. Both units use the same condenser core and dual fan system. The roof mount utilizes a decorative trim cover and does utilize access holes through the roof. It also adds 10 inches to the vehicle height but is recommended if vehicle is to be used off pavement. The underbody condenser tends to work more efficiently due to having more air space around it without the covers but is not recommended for severe off road use.

Long Life Expectancy


The A/C compressors and mounting systems we use are of high quality and have a long-life expectancy. They exceed OE specifications and are sized by displacement for each systems requirements. Additionally, All our A/C fittings are Plated steel, not aluminum and our high quality hose virtually doesn’t leak. It is not uncommon for the A/C charge to last the life of the A/C system.

Multiple Controlling Options

Available controllers

Three different controllers are available for Our Webasto Rear Van Air Conditioning Systems. The NEO-1 model for A/C only systems, the NEO-2 and NEO-2+ for A/C systems with heat.


The NEO-1 controller is a manual fan speed only controller used on with our SL series and KM series systems that do not have heat and require no temp control


The NEO-2 controller gives you fan speed functions and manual temp control that works in conjunction with our LS and KM series systems.


The NEO-2+ controller is a full function digital automatic temp controller. In manual mode you may select all your desired functions, cool mode, hot mode, fan speeds and interior temperature. In Auto mode it does it all for you with strategically placed temp sensors which allows the system to monitor inside temperature and controls mode functions, compressor operation, heater water flow, fan speeds and more.

Ford Transit Air Conditioning Options

Rooftop A/C & Heating

A great alternative to the key on engine running systems are the Coleman commercial line of Rooftop HVAC units. The Mach 8 commercial units are designed for a long service life. They are rated at 15000 BTU of cooling and with the optional heat strip provide adequate warmth to take the chill out of winter. With a selection of controls, the most common being the ceiling air distributor with easy to use control buttons and Bluetooth capability.

 Custom Cut Vehicle Insulation

Insulation Packages

Pro Services carries a line of insulation products that are specially designed for vehicle applications. Unlike other products, our insulation kits are custom cut to match each vehicle models interior panels and openings. They emits NO airborne particulates and have NO off gassing from either product or the glue backing. The product is made of a woven wool material, is mold resistant and with a 1/2″ thickness it carries an R4 insulating factor. Our 1/2″ thick wall insulation carries an R4 insulation factor and our 1″ ceiling carries a R8 insulation factor.

Ford Transit Air Conditioning Interiors

Interior Panel Kits

Interior panels are a great way to dress up the inside of your van and reduce the transfer of outside temperature. Each panel has an air space woven directly into the panel and is also equipped with a thermo barrier on back which also acts as a vapor barrier to stop the panel from sweating. Each panel has an R4 insulating factor and when used in conjunction with our insulation kits the vehicle will achieve an R8 insulation envelope, which works great to achieve an optimal interior environment.

Air Circulation

Roof Venting Systems

Roof vent systems typically run on low voltage and are a great option to circulate air when the engines not running. They do however require additional battery storage power separate from your engine starting battery.

Ford Transit Power Systems

Power Management

Power management is another available option for van owners. Whether you are looking for a simple breaker to protect your roof top Coleman unit, a full power distribution system with automatic changeover or something in between, we can design to your needs. We install shore power systems, power inverters, backup batteries and more. Our most common set up is a 30 amp shore power inlet to a tier 1 breaker panel. This provides protection for your rooftop unit and give you and extra breaker to a few plugs to run your essentials.

Ford Transit Rear HVAC

Ford Transit Specs

Please feel free to utilize the image to the right to better understand your ford transit’s specs!