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Mercedes Sprinter HVAC Installation

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Mercedes Sprinter Rear Air Conditioning

Rear Auxiliary Air Conditioning System

Mercedes Sprinter Rear Air Conditioning

The Mercedes Sprinter line of vehicles has a variety of options for rear air conditioning systems. Both the 144WB and 170WB vehicles are available in various height configurations with both passenger and cargo options. Our Rear Van Air Conditioning and Heating Systems are specifically tailed and sized for your unique vehicle design. 

Types of HVAC Systems

The LS Series

Our LS series van air conditioning system is our most popular system, widely recognized for its versatility and efficiency. When configured as a tie-in system, it boasts a remarkable capacity of up to 20,000 BTU or 1.7 Tons of cooling and heating. Engineered with a long-lasting design, featuring a single blower motor and twin high-volume fan wheels, the evaporator/heater unit ensures optimal performance over an extended lifespan. This system is particularly recommended for 144 & 170WB standard-length cargo vans with well-insulated walls and ceilings.

Equipped with its own A/C compressor and Condenser, the LS series has the capacity to deliver up to 32,500 BTU or 2.7 Tons of cooling and heating. Ideal for smaller 144WB passenger vans and extended-length 170WB cargo vans, this system, when paired with proper wall and ceiling insulation and interior panel kits, proves to be exceptionally capable.

Our LS series van air conditioning systems are available either as standalone air conditioning units or as comprehensive A/C and Heat system. Each package includes a 4 eyeball air register, with the option to add-on functionality with a full-length modular ducting system. Additionally, for those opting for the A/C and heat systems, an automatic temperature control system is offered as an optional enhancement, ensuring optimal comfort and climate control.



Types of HVAC Systems

The KM Series

Introducing our KM series van air conditioning and heating system, delivering an impressive 45,500 BTU or 3.8 Tons of cooling and heating power. Exclusively available as an independent system, it features a durable evaporator/heater unit with two long-life blower motors and four high-volume fan wheels. Choose between underbody or roof-mounted A/C condenser locations, designed for large passenger vans with a 170WB configuration or multi-person work vehicles.

The KM series van air conditioning systems are offered in both A/C only and A/C with Heat configurations. This series is available in A/C only or A/C with Heat configurations, with options for a 6 eyeball air register or full-length modular ducting system. To further optimize performance, we recommend the inclusion of our automatic temperature controller, although a manual option is available for those who prefer it. Additionally, the installation of ceiling and wall insulation or a thermo barrier is advised to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. With the KM series, experience unparalleled cooling and heating capabilities tailored to your specific needs.


Mounting Options

In the current production model of the Mercedes Sprinter, there are 3 available mounting locations.

Rear Mount

A rear mount is from the ceiling with air blowing forward throughout the vehicle.

Side Mount

A side mount is from the ceiling to halfway down the driver’s side with air blowing across the vehicle

Front Mount

A front mount is from the ceiling with air blowing rearward throughout the vehicle.

Note: All HVAC units mount to the ceiling’s roof support beams, and DO NOT protrude through the roof therefore there are no holes in the roof that may leak like other systems can.

Extreme Climate

AC Condenser Mounting Options

Ford Transit Under Body Condenser

In the independent configuration of our Mercedes Sprinter Rear Air Conditioning System installation, the condenser unit can be roof mounted or installed as an under-vehicle auxiliary. Both units feature a dual-fan condenser core for optimal performance. The roof mount option, adorned with a decorative trim cover, necessitates access holes through the roof. While it adds 10 inches to the vehicle’s height, it is particularly recommended for off-pavement use. On the other hand, the underbody condenser operates more efficiently, benefiting from increased air space without the constraints of a cover. However, it is not the ideal choice for severe off-road conditions.

Long Life Expectancy


Our premium TM series A/C compressors epitomize excellence in craftsmanship and durability, boasting a robust construction that ensures a prolonged service life. Engineered to surpass original equipment (OE) specifications, these compressors are meticulously sized by displacement to meet the precise requirements of each system they serve. Each system includes all essential components such as mounting hardware, pulleys, belts, and idlers. Our A/C fittings are crafted from nickel plated steed and not aluminum for enhanced reliability, while our high-quality A/C barrier hose virtually eliminates leaks. With an average lifespan of over 250,000 miles, our compressors offer unmatched longevity and performance.

Multiple Controlling Options

Available controllers

Three different controllers are available for our Mercedes Sprinter Rear Air Conditioning Systems. The NEO-1 model for A/C only systems, the NEO-2 and NEO-2+ for A/C systems with heat.


The NEO-1 controller is a manual fan speed only controller used on with our SL series and KM series systems that do not have heat and require no temp control


The NEO-2 controller gives you fan speed functions and manual temp control that works in conjunction with our LS and KM series systems.


The NEO-2+ controller is a full function digital automatic temp controller. In manual mode you may select all your desired functions, cool mode, hot mode, fan speeds and interior temperature. In Auto mode it does it all for you with strategically placed temp sensors which allows the system to monitor inside temperature and controls mode functions, compressor operation, heater water flow, fan speeds and more.

Mercedes Sprinter REAR Air Conditioning Options

Rooftop A/C & Heating

An excellent substitute for conventional key-on engine running systems are the Coleman commercial line of Rooftop HVAC units. The Mach 8 commercial units are meticulously engineered for an extended service life, offering unrivaled reliability and durability. Rated at 15,000 BTU of cooling power, they are equipped with optional heat strips, ensuring sufficient warmth during colder seasons. Featuring a range of control options, including the widely preferred ceiling air distributor with user-friendly control buttons and Bluetooth capability, these units provide unparalleled convenience and versatility.

 Custom Cut Vehicle Insulation

Insulation Packages

Pro Services offers a range of insulation products specifically tailored for vehicle applications. Our insulation kits are meticulously custom-cut to perfectly match the interior panels and openings of each vehicle model. Notably, these kits are engineered to emit no airborne particulates and undergo no off-gassing, whether from the product itself or its adhesive backing. Crafted from a woven wool material, our insulation boasts mold-resistant properties. With a thickness of 1/2″, it provides an R4 insulating factor for walls, while our 1″ ceiling insulation offers an R8 factor.


Mercedes Sprinter Rear Air Conditioning Interiors

Interior Panel Kits

Interior panel kits are an excellent way to upgrade your van’s interior while also reducing noise and maintaining a comfortable temperature. Each panel features an integrated air space and is further fortified with a thermo barrier on the back, serving as a highly effective vapor barrier to prevent condensation. These panels have an insulating factor equivalent to R4, and when used with our insulation kits, they can achieve an insulation factor of R8 or higher, creating an ideal interior environment.

Available in gray and white variants, our panel kits cater to walls, ceilings, and doors, providing a comprehensive solution for interior enhancement. Additionally, the full kit includes the Duratherm Floor, a durable flooring system with elegant trim plates. Experience unparalleled functionality and aesthetic appeal with our premium interior panel kits.

Air Circulation

Roof Venting Systems

Roof vent systems operate on low voltage and serve as an excellent choice for air circulation in situations when the engine is not running. It’s important to note that these systems require additional battery power storage, distinct from the primary engine starting battery.

Ford Transit Power Systems

Power Management

For van owners, power management presents a versatile array of options. Whether seeking a straightforward breaker for safeguarding a roof-mounted Coleman unit, a comprehensive power distribution system with automatic changeover, or an intermediate solution, our designs are tailored to your specific requirements. Our installation services encompass a range of power-related components, including shore power systems, power inverters, backup batteries, and more.

Our most common set up is a 30 amp shore power inlet to a tier 1 breaker panel. This setup not only ensures protection for your rooftop unit but also furnishes an additional breaker for powering essential devices through designated outlets.

Mercedes Sprinter Rear HVAC

Mercedes Sprinter Specs

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